CLA Oshkosh Build-Out


Bidding Closed

Bid Date6/25/20 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Ganther Contruction Architecture

Shelly Bradley   920-426-4774


1660 Oshkosh Avenue, Oshkosh WI

The 2nd floor build-out is 10,000 sq. ft. Specification sections included are as follows: Rough Carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Plastic Laminate Cabinetry & Countertops, Solid Surface Countertops, Insulation, Joint Sealers, Fireproofing, Doors, Frames, & Hardware, Glass Walls & Glass Doors, Vinyl Film at Glass Walls, Gypsum Board, Ceramic Tile, Acoustical Ceilings, Wood Slat Ceilings, Acoustical Baffling, Carpet, VCT, Polished Concrete Floor, LVT Flooring, Painting, Wall Coverings, Toilet Compartments, Fire Ext. & Cabinets, Toilet Accessories, Kitchen Appliances, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical.

BID DATE: Thursday, June 25th at 2:00 pm. Email bids to on the Bid Form provided wihtin the specifications.

Construction Start: September, 2020
Construction Completion: November 25, 2020